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Apartments available for rent in Mcleodganj

Z Meditation Center is in the service of humanity for the last fourteen years. It has been the abode of one of the finest meditation retreats in India that has helped thousands of people across the globe get rid of their painful stories. You may know more about Z Meditation at http://www.zmeditation.com/.

Z Meditation Retreat Center has shifted to Lower Dharamsala. For meditation inquiries, write to suruchi@zmeditation.com.

Z Meditation Center Mcleodganj is now called OM SHANTI HOUSE.It is being run as a guest house and is being managed by Mr. Surinder. You can directly talk to him at 91-9418792854. )

In this guest house, there are one-room apartments that have attached baths and kitchens. And the view of the mountains from the center is awesome
. It is not like any other guest house or hotel where things happen just with the mind and not with the heart. Here, both mind and heart synthesize and give you a feeling of warmth and peace.

Although we encourage long stay of minimum 15 days, but if you want a shorter stay, just call Surinder to check if there is availability.

The room tariff is from Rs.4500 to 7500 per month.

For more information, call Surinder at 91-9418792854.